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EVOO Cooking School


Aug 14,2021
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Summer ingredients are so plentiful our chefs have difficulty choosing menu items. Suffice to say, our Flavors of August menu has influences from far away places, but is very seasonal, locally fresh.

WINE:  Capitello 2020 Rose of Pinot Noir
Duo of Northwest’s best seafood: 1-Dungeness crabcake with dollop of spicy orange aioli on tender baby Bibb lettuce cup; 2- Oregon baby pink shrimp-cucumber salad atop avocado on cultured butter toasted housemade seed-nut bread

WINE: J. Scott 2017 Avante
Poblano pepper and Manchego cheese Tamale, roasted in corn husk lined cast iron;  Cubano style smoky black beans with crema and cotija cheese; grilled fresh corn and baby bell pepper salsa; cilantro and fried tortilla confetti  

WINE: Seven Bridges Sienna 2016 Super Tuscan
Tuscan style New York strip steak; vegetable medley of oven blistered cherry-tomato, slow pan seared eggplant, oven roasted early chanterelle mushrooms (fingers crossed); olive oil garlic mashed potatoes and micro basil salad

COFFEE or ESPRESSO from Caffe Umbria drip decaf or dark espresso
Twin desserts of local berry stone fruit cobbler with softly whipped cream; and warm caramel toasted fig atop rosemary cracker with Rogue River bleu cheese; Penner-Ash grape balsamic sorbet; almond salted brittle

TO BOOK: Call 1-877-436-EVOO (3866)
and speak with an EVOO representative.

All reservations require payment in full at time of booking and all sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions


We apologize, but GIFT CERTIFICATES cannot be issued during Covid-19.  Our holiday promotion will not be  available until after the pandemic is under control.  We appreciate that so many guests want to share the EVOO experience and plan to reinstitute the gift certificate program as soon as we are able.  


YES! We consider ourselves a restaurant with a special format. We call it the “dinner show,” a unique cooking "class" and dining experience that takes about 3 hours, and everything prepared is presented to guests in full portions: 3 plates, paired with wines, and dessert and espresso.

Why require ADVANCE PAYMENT for reservations?

Each of our experiences are price fixed and our ingredient purchases are precise for the number of guests and the menu we are making.  In addition we make accommodations for individuals who have dietary requirements, sometimes requiring special purchases.  Daily, chef carefully searches for the freshest ingredients from our local farmers, fishers, and ranchers. We appreciate our guest's understanding that this policy is a necessary, reasonable and sustainable practice. We ask of you what our vendors and suppliers ask from us. Before making a reservation, please read our CANCELATION POLICY listed here in FAQ, before making your commitment to purchase an EVOO experience. Be certain of your plans.        


Service tips during our dinner shows are not included in our dinner pricing. Our servers are paid a full wage, unlike many restaurants that expect you to pay a percentage of your check to augment their wage. We like to think of tipping as not required but earned. Certainly an opportunity to show your appreciation for the service with your monetary recognition is welcome and appreciated. You may leave cash at the table, hand it to one of the servers, knowing they pool and split equally. If you do not want to handle cash at this time, you may tip when you make payment for your reservation.


All sales are final. If you must cancel for any reason you may sell your "reservation" or give it away. We do not issue refunds for cancellations for any reason. And please let us know if you have transferred ownership of your tickets. We do understand that emergencies occur. If you cannot transfer ownership to someone else, please let us know at least 7 days ahead of your reservation date, and we will try to sell your tickets on your behalf. If we do, you may register your attendance on another date, depending upon availability, and such reservations cannot be extended a second time.

What about LODGING?

We recommend you secure lodging before you buy your tickets to the show just in the rare circumstance you do not find lodging for your desired show date. For help finding hotel or other lodging, you may go to the Chamber of Commerce at www.cannonbeach.org.  Or to rent a cute private bungalow contact Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals at www.visitcb.com Popular with our guests are The Waves, Stephanie Inn, and Cannon Beach Hotel, and Ocean Lodge.                                        

May I bring my own WINE?

We do not allow outside wines at a dinner show experience. Our dinner show wines have been carefully paired to complement the chef’s menu. Typically, our paired wines are available to purchase after the show. And chef is always willing to engage in a wine discussion before you buy from our shop. Catered private dinner shows allow for coordination of wine choices with our chef who can ensure their compatibility with the menu. If for a private event, we do not carry the chosen wines, the guest may bring them for an additional corkage fee. Our beer selections are limited but thoughtfully paired with any given menu. Also available are soft natural beverages for those who do not drink alcohol. All beverages in our shop collection are priced at shelf prices, not wine-list prices.  


First, we want people to know it is okay with us to create special requests and it is not an imposition. So please don't hesitate to tell us your restrictions, even when our menu doesn't include the offending item. Our menus may change without notice. So please give your requests, at very least your allergies, at the time you make your reservation. We may be unable to make substitutions or alternatives if we learn about them the night of your dinner. With advance notice, we can make substitutions and alternatives for most common food allergies (i.e. celiac, tree nuts, soy, dairy, etc.); as well as conscientious self-imposed restrictions such as vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, no pork, etc. Creating these options becomes part of the experience; sharing the special diet restrictions with everyone attending, shows everyone how substitutions and changes are manageable and sometimes simple, especially starting with whole foods. We are committed to  "replacing not just eliminating." when making changes for the diet restriction. And we try to avoid meat analogs for those who don't eat meat, not that we don't like them, but we think plant protein dishes are interesting enough on their own, rather than making it look like meat. For our part, we enjoy the challenge to make simply adjustments to create a dish that is as close to the original menu item we can make it. We rarely decline diet restrictions when diet requests are made in advance. That said, all substitutions and alternatives are at the discretion of the chefs. In rare instances, our chefs will call a guest directly before agreeing to accommodate his/her allergies/restrictions.

What are your COVID 19 PROTOCALS?

COVID 19 PROTOCOLS AS OF 6-30-21   The state of Oregon has lifted Covid 19 safety protocols for indoor dining including wearing masks, limiting numbers, and social distancing.  What that means is that the potential for another closing of the state is unlikely with vaccinated numbers in the state reaching 70%. It allows us to go back to running your credit card the day you make your reservation. Until now, we have been waiting until two weeks before your reservation date to process payment.  It also allows us to remove seating restrictions when all parties attending are vaccinated. EVOO associates are all vaccinated and allowed to work unmasked. We recommend that unvaccinated guests wear masks for their own protection, removing them only when eating or drinking at their seats. Masks and hand sanitizers will still be available for guests who need them. Thank You! Chefs Bob and Lenore

As of February 2021: Thank You for  joining us in our commitment to Covid19 safety protocols We take our responsibility seriously. Gathering indoors at this time is considered the highest risk for Covid-19 spread, so we have taken every precaution we can to keep us all safe. Our commitment to you is that we are practicing all that we are asking and expecting of you even when we are home.     Our trust in you strengthens because your attendance shows you trust us. We know there are different degrees of commitment to Covid safety recommendations in the world. We know, too, that while enjoying good wine and food, it is easy to forget the rules. When you are a guest here, we ask you to kindly remind each other that it is for everyone’s safety to follow the rules.  We require that you keep your masks on whenever you are not eating or drinking this evening; to remain 6 feet from other parties; to wear your mask when using the restroom; and, if shopping tonight, maintain only two or three small parties in the store at a time, with masks. Our restroom will be sanitized between visits. You are asked to flip over the sign at the door of the restroom to read "Occupied" before entering. Then when leaving, leave sign in place so our associate will refresh  and flip the sign for the next guest. That said, do not enter until the sign reads "refreshed." Again, please wear your mask and maintain distance. We know if Covid numbers spike, our business and many others will have to close again. So we thank you for helping us stay in business! Enjoy the rest of your safe stay in Cannon Beach! Chefs Bob & Lenore    


For now, during Covid-19, the minimum and maximum number for a private group is ten. In other words, the price to reserve our space is based on a minimum of ten guests, even when the group is less. Larger groups may be considered on an individual basis. We still require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your date; balance for which may be paid on or before the date. All private events include an additional 20% service fee, and if your menu is customized, additional fees may apply. Please call our reservationist (503-436-8555), M - F (11am - 5pm) to make sure the date you want is available. Our chefs, personally, will take it from there.