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EVOO Cooking School


Jan 2,2023
6:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Wine: Gruet Sparkling Brut Rose
-Crab raviolo with lemon garlic shrimp; ginger beurre blanc sauce
atop julienne of zucchini pasta;

 Blood orange, red onion & endive salad

Wine: Angel Vine 2o16 Stone-tree Vineyard Petite Syrah
Grilled eggplant moussaka with lentil and smoked gouda,  mashed potatoes, roasted curried cauliflower; Cucumber fennel olive salad with pistachios and micro greens

Wine: J Scott 2015 Rogue Valley Grenache
-Hazelnut crusted short ribs of beef

Roasted  cultivated mushroom drizzled
with sage brown butter
atop cheesy polenta;
Pickled corn and golden baby beet, frisee salad

Coffee: Nespresso Espresso, decaf or caffeinated, Lemon peel & Sugar cube
-Caramelized chocolate boudino
in baked brown butter tart shell;

toasted meringue; orange sorbet
with candied pumpkin seeds

Price: $225.00 per person
plus 10% gratuity and 3% booking fee


Foods we crave during the winter months of the year tend to show up as “comfort foods.” Mostly because they are foods that give hugs, like pasta, hot soups/stews, braised beef, spicy dishes with moles, cheesy perogies, polentas and pastas, and of course, root vegetables, grains, and legumes.
We also know by the time we are in February, we are starting to crave tomatoes again, because after August, we don’t even look for a fresh tomato. Meantime we have processed both sauce and dried tomatoes during their peak season and put them in the freezer. While they may loose their fresh look, they retain their fresh seasonal flavor to use in a variety of ways. There is nothing boring about cooking in the winter!

So lets set the stage.
It’s cold outside, there can be snow in Cannon Beach, and we are craving those foods that “hug.” Here are some examples of plates that brought us comfort in winters passed!

Example of Menu Main Plates First Quarter

-Crab and scallop raviolo or perogies
atop julienne of zucchini pasta.

dressed with smoked salmon cream sauce;
frisee salad with pomegranate

-Hazelnut crusted short ribs of beef
Roasted  cultivated mushroom drizzled
with sage brown butter
atop cheesy soufflé of polenta;
Pickled corn and golden baby beet, frisee salad

-Hind quarter of duck confit, with lavender,
rosemary and garlic;
Fondant potatoes;
3 step Kale greens + pancetta lardons;

blood orange slaw

-Middle Eastern seasoned NY strip loin of beef
with wild curried shrimp;
tomato siracha sauce;
Sesame green onion fried rice;
Apple pear slaw ver jus

Favorite first Desserts

-Caramelized chocolate boudino
in baked brown butter tart shell;

toasted meringue; orange sherbet
with candied pumpkin seeds

-Carrot pecan cake
with whipped mascarpone cream cheese

Pineapple sorbet; chocolate nut toffee

-Chocolate ganache & Peanut butter tart;
vanilla ice cream; salted peanut brittle

-Lemon upside down cake
with preserved stone fruits or dates;

topped with toasted meringue and
served with hot ganache cocoa

TO BOOK: Call 1-877-436-EVOO (3866)
and speak with an EVOO representative.

All reservations require payment in full at time of booking and all sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions


We apologize, but GIFT CERTIFICATES cannot be issued during Covid-19. Our holiday promotion will not be available until after the pandemic is under control. We appreciate that so many guests want to share the EVOO experience with others! We plan to reinstitute the gift certificate program as soon as we are able. In the meantime, you may choose a date and buy the seats at an available show date as a gift for those you wish to treat. It is really the same concept as a gift certificate, except you are purchasing seats at a specific show in the same year. You of course make sure the date is good for them before buying the seats. And our favorite way to give the experience, is for you to treat guests who attend with you! Call our EVOO office line, 503-436-8555, to arrange one of these two options.  

7-May I have a second glass of wine?

Our wines are chosen to enhance and compliment the entrées. Each wine is available during one course at a time. If you are still enjoying the course, you may ask for more of the same wine. Our servers are all trained and licensed by Oregon Liquor Control, which dictates they monitor guests consumption of alcohol. In addition, they also must follow our "house rules," which begin with carding all guests who appear 30 or under. All guests who might fit that description should be prepared to show ID. Please respect that the servers will not be able to pour any wine after coffee and dessert has started. Again, our policy states that wine may be poured as long as the guest is still eating the course. All of our wines are typically available to purchase from our gift shop after the show.    


YES! We consider ourselves a restaurant with a special format. We call it the “DINNER SHOW,” a unique cooking/dining demonstration experience, that takes about 3 hours, and everything prepared is presented to guests in full portions: 3 plates, paired with wines, and dessert and espresso.  

2-Why require ADVANCE PAYMENT for reservations?

Each of our experiences are price fixed and our ingredient purchases are precise for the number of guests and the menu we are making. In addition we make accommodations for individuals who have dietary requirements, sometimes requiring special purchases. Daily, chef carefully searches for the freshest ingredients from our local farmers, fishers, and ranchers. We appreciate our guest's understanding that this policy is a necessary, reasonable and sustainable practice. We ask of you what our vendors and suppliers ask from us. Before making a reservation, please read our CANCELATION POLICY listed here in FAQ. Please be certain of your plans before purchasing one of our EVOO experiences.        


Service tips for dinner shows are now included in our dinner show pricing. You are paying 10% gratuity at the time of booking. Additional cash tips may be left at your table, of course. We are proud of our service teams and appreciate when they are recognized for their service during our experiences.


All sales are final. If you must cancel for any reason you may sell your "reservation" or give it away. We do not issue refunds for cancellations for any reason. We require you to tell us if you have transferred ownership of your tickets. We do understand that emergencies occur. If you cannot transfer ownership to someone else, please let us know as much ahead of your reservation date as possible, and we will try to sell your tickets on your behalf. If we do sell your seats, you may register your attendance on another available date, and such reservations cannot be extended a second time.

5-May I bring my own WINE?

We do not allow outside wines at a Dinner Show experience. Our Dinner Show wines have been carefully paired to complement the chef’s menu. Typically, our paired wines are available to purchase after the show. Chef is always willing to engage in a wine discussion before you buy from our shop. Private Dinner Shows allow for coordination of wine choices with our chef who can ensure their compatibility with the menu. Our beer selections are limited but thoughtfully paired with any given menu. Also available are soft (non-alcoholic) natural beverages, some of which are house-made, for those who do not drink alcohol. Our latest version we tagged a "shroda" because it is part "shrub," a drinkable vinegar, and a splash of carbonated soda water. Thus, Shrub-soda or Shroda.    

6-WHY am I asked to report my DIET RESTRICTIONS?

First, we want people to know it is okay with us to accommodate special requests and it is not an imposition. So please don't hesitate to tell us your restrictions, even when our menu doesn't include the offending item. Our menus may change without notice. So please give your requests, at the very least and most importantly, your allergies, at the time you make your reservation. Only with advance notice, can we make substitutions and alternatives for most common food allergies (i.e. celiac, tree nuts, soy, dairy, etc.); as well as conscientious self-imposed restrictions such as vegetarian, pescatarian, no pork, etc. Creating these options becomes part of the experience; sharing the special diet restrictions with everyone attending, shows everyone how substitutions and changes are manageable and sometimes simple, especially since we are starting with whole foods versus processed foods. We are committed to "replacing not just eliminating" when making changes for the diet restriction. Our chefs enjoy the challenge to make simple adjustments to create a dish that is as close to the original menu item we can make it. We rarely decline diet restrictions when diet requests are made in advance. That said, all substitutions and alternatives are at the discretion of the chefs. Chefs may call a guest directly to ensure we can make the accommodation. We design our menus around the Mediterranean, style of eating, and a diet trend that is heavy on animal proteins, such as Keto, cannot be accommodated here.

9-What are your COVID 19 PROTOCALS?

COVID 19 PROTOCOLS have been a moving target for us. We follow the state of Oregon Covid-19 safety protocols for public indoor dining, as well as the national CDC experts. All our associates are vaccinated, and we are now requiring guests to be vaccinated, with proof at the door. In addition masking is still required indoors and out in the state of Oregon, so when not eating or drinking during our program we ask guests to re-mask.  Yep, it is a moving target. Now we are saying that masks are not required for our shows when everyone in the room is fully "vaxed."


11-What about seating? Should I come early for a good seat?

For most reservations, we create the seating arrangement based upon size of all parties. That said, if you have given us notice that someone in your party needs a special accommodation, such as wheelchair, seating for that party is giving priority. Our communal dining space is small and intimate, and the size of each party must fit. We believe all seats are good seats! That said, we may need to separate parties of five or six, placing them nearby. Parties greater than six must reserve the entire date for a private party. We also appreciate when all parties reserve their private celebratory actions, such as gift exchanging until dinner is over. It is important to us that we make each party feel included, comfortable and safe. Currently, the minimum number for private experiences is now 16 on any date on our calendar that is available without reservations.

10-What about PRIVATE EVENTS?

We welcome the opportunity to share special occasions with families and business groups. For now, the minimum number for a private group to reserve our entire dining room is 12 and maximum is 16 guests. Please call our office (503-436-8555), M - F (9am - 2pm) to make sure the date you want is available. Our chefs, personally, will take it from there.