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This is our group this past Tour to Tuscany

2020  October 2021 TOURS
Join one or both tours in 2021!
Of course, our 2020 Tours were posponed due to Covid-19. We will post actual new October dates in 2021 very soon! Meantime, we have a few vacancies for both tours. Email to us at info@evoocb.com with your interest and be first to know when we do!

PIEDMONT Explore and enjoy the back roads, foods & wines in the Alba Piedmont region; including tickets to the annual truffle festival! Our first trip in this area was in 2012, and we are delighted to be returning with  an entirely new itinerary. Our villa this trip is run by a couple, a chef and his wife who is a sommelier, and who have hosted, on separate occasions, both Sofia Loren and Michele Obama! And we, too, have had the pleasure of meeting them here in Oregon, when they were invited to cook at Piazza Italia in the Pearl. Seems Chef Carlo was chosen to represent Italy in several US cities on behalf of Italian consulate. By the way Bob had the pleasure of enjoying his food on this visit. 

ASCOLI PICENO,  located in the middle of the country, over the Apennines Mountains on the east side of the “boot.” It resembles Tuscany in many ways, except on its eastern border is the Adriatic Sea. The area is still being discovered by tourists, so we will enjoy fewer crowds than in Tuscany. In addition thanks to a recent ancestry probe, this area has extra very special meaning for us. We recently discovered relatives on Bob’s Italian side, where his great grandfather was born and lived.   We have visited twice now, and remain in touch with several of Bob’s 2nd cousins. We may even meet a few while on this tour, and we will point out his grandfather’s coat of arms seal which is displayed above the doorways of the many buildings in town. Buildings that his great grandfather helped to build as a “mason.”

Featured picture above is of our last Tour Group to Tuscany in October 2019.

A former guest testimonial…

 “My husband and I traveled to Tuscany and I traveled to the Piedmont on EVOO tours. Hosts Bob and Lenore and Paola,  their Italian travel partner, have created unique food and wine experiences that educate guests about local and sustainable agricultural, cooking methods, wine making methods, and more broadly, how food and wine are part of the cultural zeitgeist of Italy.  The focus on a quality guest experience shows in the small size of the groups, the carefully planned itinerary and logistics, and the quality of the lodging. We formed friendships on our tours that continue today.  I look forward to another EVOO travel experience in the future. Thanks Bob and Lenore for creating Five Star food and wine travel opportunities.”   Cathy H.