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Sat Sep 25, 2021: 6:00 - 6:00 PM $180


Sun Sep 26, 2021: 4:00 - 7:00 PM $180


Fri Oct 1, 2021: 6:00 - 9:00 PM $180


Sat Oct 2, 2021: 6:00 - 9:00 PM $180

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  For 2021 HOURS
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 Our CULINARY GIFT SHOP has not been open for drop-in trade since March 2020.  For now, it is open by appointment only, by calling our reservationist, and after every dinner show for our dinner guests. You also may order from our Shop Catalog any time. Order at 503-436-8555. 

— As always we welcome CATERING for small private parties. Parties may reserve a private event for a  minimum of 12 guests, on any date that is still open, meaning no one has reserved yet, and rarely we may schedule private parties on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday when we do not normally schedule our shows.
–For more private party info click here.

For employment information please call 503-436-8555.

All updates for our COVID 19 SAFETY PROTOCOLS are listed here, newest to oldest, top to bottom.
As of 8-23-21, we are requiring guests to be vaccinated, with proof, or provide a new (3-days) proof of a negative test. Again, we are following the experts and other state businesses regarding public indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Previous COVID updates:
Update on 8-13-21 
 The pandemic is once again a moving target. Today Governor Brown asked for indoor masking and is requiring all state employees be vaccinated. This is based on how fast the hospital beds are filling up with new cases infected by the Delta variant, which is three times more contagious. We are already requiring masks indoors for all guests. Even vaccinated individuals may become infected and carry and infection to others. Our governor sees this course of action to be what is needed to drop the rise in cases. This rather than another statewide closure of all businesses. She is asking for businesses to require vaccination and indoor masking. Both vaccinating and masking are the best way to stop this variant. So for now, all new EVOO guests will be required to be vaccinated. Proof  will be checked at the door by copy or a photo of your vaccination card on your phones.   

Addendum as of 7-27-21: We are reinstituting the wearing of masks when indoors. We will provide a clean mask to wear indoors whether vaccinated or not. This is based upon the CDC experts recommendations, triggered by the many new cases since all restrictions were lifted. The Delta variant spread is demonstrating that even those vaccinated can spread and get sick with the variant. 

 The state of Oregon as of 6-30-21, lifted Covid 19 safety protocols for indoor dining including wearing masks, limiting numbers, and social distancing.  What that means is that the potential for another closing of the state is unlikely with vaccinated numbers in the state reaching 70%. It allows us to go back to running your credit card the day you make your reservation. Until now, we have been waiting until two weeks before your reservation date to process payment.  It also allows us to remove seating restrictions for distancing and mask wearing when all parties attending are vaccinated.
EVOO associates are all vaccinated and allowed to work unmasked. We recommend that unvaccinated guests wear masks for their own protection, removing them only when eating or drinking at their seats.
Masks and hand sanitizers will still be available for guests who need them.
And for now, the plexiglass is in storage.  We will increase our numbers up to 16 only, instead of the 24 of the past, at least until we have additional help.

For employment information
please call 503-436-8555.