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welcome to evoo

These are most of our recipes used for the past 20 years in our Cooking School. After closing in September of 2024, as promised, our cookbook & recipes as well as occasional invitations to join our tours will be available.  

Chef Bob will continue to be available to answer questions while he stays active in the community with projects and consulting. He will be growing our tours to include coastal and valley excursions as well as our trips to Italy.

If you are new to our website, you may still join our membership list using “Sign up for our notifications” which will automatically put your email on our list.

Our cookbook

We believe the enjoyment of cooking with local whole foods, from scratch, can enhance both the pleasure of eating and our nutrition. Since our inception, we have held this mantra and it continues today as well! When you can take the time to prepare your own meal, especially as a family, your overall enjoyment increases! May our recipes provide inspiration and pleasurable dining experiences around your table.

Coming Soon!

We are creating a new community to continue our close ties with all our Encore members, and a chance to meet new like-minded people!

Sign up and stay tuned!