Vegetables, fruits and salads make up the chapter in our cookbook and the next food group on the Mediterranean food pyramid, They are always on the menu at our house. They are magically produced in Chef Bob’s hands! You might notice after one of our dinner shows that you ate quite a lot of food, (three entree courses and a great dessert), but for some reason you don’t feel over-stuffed! We think it is precisely because each plate contains something from this group. Whenever possible we serve don’t serve only cooked veggies. Most of our plates have something raw. Not only does this keep your taste buds dazzled, but adding ingredients from this group, especially some raw, helps digestion and keeps you from feeling over full. Now mind you, we don’t ever expect anyone to recreate all the Dinner Show Menu all at once in one meal ever again, but instead, to take the recipes from the experience and create many different menus to serve on different days!

And of course, when you serve salad on the side, it often serves to do what we do by putting it on the entree plates.


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