EVERYTHING SAUCE, EVOO's own Blackberry-Blueberry savory-sweet sauce


EVERYTHING SAUCE, by its name, invites you to use it on everything. Not just for savory; nor just for sweet; its great for both. Where you might use tomato ketchup, you should also consider using Everything Sauce. It is season very much like tomato ketchup, but swings more easily than tomato ketchup between sweet and savory applications.

Let’s see how many foods that EVERYTHING SAUCE my compliment:

-Ice cream
-Brie cheese; sharp cheddar cheese;
-flat bread with any cheese topping
chic pea patties
-morning cereal (Lenore tops cereal with Blue or Black berries when in season, but when we don’t have any fresh or frozen, she will top cereal with yogurt and Everything sauce)
-oven roasted fresh pears (savory with fish or chicken or dessert on cheesecake or with fresh cheese)
-sauce works on all barbeque meats! like ribs, smoked salmon, chicken wings
-dipping sauce for arancini for an appetizer.


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