Dessert may never be but a slice away. This unusual conversation starter is shaped like a salami; those who taste it rarely decline a second slice. Not exactly like eating chocolate truffles but close and definitely a chocolate fix!


  • 4 each egg yolks

    5 ¼ ounces granulated sugar

    9 ounces salted butter, room temperature

    3 ½ ounces cocoa powder, brut

    1 ½ Tablespoons grappa

    1 ½ Tablespoons dry marsala wine

    2 ½ ounces pistachio nuts, toasted, rough chopped

    2 ½ ounces whole almonds, toasted, rough chopped

    21 ounces cookies, crumbled (butter cookies and amaretti cookies work best)

    3 Tablespoons half and half cream, and more if needed to homogenize mixture

    As needed softened butter for wrapping


Place yolks and sugar in a mixer with a paddle on medium speed; beat until yolks and sugar turn white in color; add butter and continue mixing to combine completely; add cocoa powder and mix to combine; add alcohol – mix to combine; add nuts and cookies; pulse several times to combine;  add approximately 3 Tablespoons of cream to slightly homogenize the mixture.

Lightly butter about a 10×12 inch piece of parchment paper; place 1 pound,  about 1/3 of mixture, in the center of the paper oriented lengthwise;  evenly distribute the mixture until it measures approximately 9” inches and length and the width of a silver dollar; and looks like rolled salami.  Roll tightly and repeat with remaining two salami.


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