For a crunchy garnish, we often find ourselves going to this old standby, as seen in our Sep 2012 Dinner Show with pan grilled salmon, fresh corn succotash, and green tomato poblano sauce. It gives the nice crunch and acts as a pivot point on the plate.

Also seen in our 2013 April Dinner Show with our version of a southern style risotto made with cheddar. It could be made with fresh corn as well if it is in season, so we decided to add a little corn as a crunch.


  • 8-10 tortillas, white corn is what we usually use

  • High smoke point oil such as grape seed or peanut
  • Salt pepper coriander




Stack tortillas and cut into long julienne strips about 1/8 x 2 -3 inches.

Pour 1 inch oil in heavy bottom wide pan. Over high heat bring oil up to 350°F. Add tortilla strips to cover surface. Keep turning to completely cook. When tan-brown, remove from oil with slotted tool to a pan lined with paper towel with rack over it. Salt or season as desired while hot. Cool and store in a dry sealed container. If they become soggy, you may put them in 350°F oven for a few minutes, then cool before serving.

Will keep in air tight container for up to a week.

Alternative seasoning: to finished strips, add dry onion powder or finely minced onion, well drained.  Note: if using fresh onion, put on warm strips, toss and serve immediately!



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