Crumpets (made with starter discard)




500 grams of starter discard* such as biga, leavain or poolish
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
3/4 teaspoon baking soda

 (*) What is starter discard–If you save starter to make bread, you know you must feed the starter regularly to always have it ready. Sometimes you have so much starter that you must “discard” some to make room to “feed” it. This is known as “starter discard.”

There are many uses for this product if you have time. Make pancakes, make crumpets, or use it to make English Muffins.

Mix starter discard, sugar and salt in a small mixing bowl; mix well to combine. (do not yet add the baking soda)
Meanwhile heat a griddle or wide bottom fry pan on medium. Using 4-8 molds, 3″ in diameter and 1″ high, spray molds with oil or grease with oil, and place them empty on top of pre heated griddle or pan.

Quickly mix baking soda well into discard mixture; when pan or griddle is hot, approximately 375 F, using a #20 scoop, put the batter into each mold. Heat of pan is similar to heat of pan when making pancakes.

Cover griddle or pan and crumpets with a lid pan that fits over all. Leave pan/lid over griddle/pan for 2-3 minutes, then remove and check crumpets. You are looking for small bubbles all around crumpets; they will look like pancakes ready to turn. 

Carefully place a metal spatula under each mold and turn mold and contents over. Repeat until all molds are turned over. If you have a well-oiled mold, the crumpets should release themselves from the molds. Remove the molds and continue cooking the crumpets until golden brown on both sides.
A finished crumpet will be very moist inside and spongy overall. Remove crumpets to cooling rack. Serve warm with butter or other topping. Enjoy!
NOTE: if you are unable to find crumpet molds, use the #20-scope and gently spread batter with back of scope to a 3 inch circle.


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