While in Italy October 2012, we used figs in season there. Italian chefs told us they usually peel them. We don’t usually because the tannins in the skins sometimes contribute nice dark color (nutrient, too),  and they add the bitter-sweet taste componet that may be needed in a dish.


  • 4 fresh figs, black mission, green Turkish, or other in season

  • EVOO to drizzle
  • Coarse sea salt to finish


Wash figs; remove stem; cut into quarters.  Place on cooking sheet, skin side down; drizzle with EVOO and roast for 3-8 minutes in 350ºF oven. Remove and cool slightly. Season with sea salt.

Uses: Enjoy blended as a compote with our candied whole lemon for a quick refreshing “sauce” with pork; Drizzle with white balsamic and serve with fish; drizzle with dark balsamic and put on ice cream.

Chef’s Note: The reason we roast the figs is to  bring out the tanins in the skin. The time range for roasting is dependent on the ripeness and sweetnes of the figs; longer in the oven for under ripe and less sweet figs.


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