Flat-breads are thin, crisp, and flat; they are made with unleavened dough as well as made with yeast pizza dough, like our version.

Pizza dough can be purchased or made with our recipe from our cookbook on our website. It is rolled as thin as can be and baked until set but not finished. They can be made well ahead of time and frozen up to 4 months.

Flat-breads are good for parties as appetizers, passed, plated or stationary self-serve. When serving as a first course they can be easily shared family style at the table or one whole per person. Since they are flat they should be simply dressed; and they are not usually top with more than a few toppings. Everything can be made ahead of time and then simply assembled just before baking for service.  We make our dough and put it through a pasta machine to achieve a very thin starting place.

For toppings, flat breads should present something different from standard pizza toppings. When using them as shared appetizers, be sure the bread is evenly covered so every piece is the same. We think simplicity is best; 2-4 toppings sparsely applied. Well-seasoned ingredients that are pungent and flavorful are great for flatbreads. Instead of red sauce, try using tapenade and ricotta with a little fresh arugula, for example. Or spread on white bean spread with lemon topped with olives and slices of parmesan picante, instead of creamy Alfredo, for light compatible topping combination.



Most of these toppings already exist as recipes in our cookbook. For even more fun think of your own!


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