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We use this method when making chicken for chicken salad. It turns out moist and delicious for MY BIG FAT GREEK SALAD and DO-AHEAD CHICKEN GRAPE TOSSED SALAD


prepared chilled cubed chicken for cold salad


  • 2 - 8 ounce chicken breasts (boned and skinless)

  • Salt, pepper, coriander to taste
  • grape seed oil as needed to lubricate the grill



Place chicken on preheated grill that has been oiled lightly where you place the chicken. Grill until chicken easily moves without tearing and turn over and grill the other side the same way, about 3 minutes first side and 2 the second. Place onto sheet pan and place into 375ºF oven for 7-10 minutes. Remove before completely done (about 155ºF) and cover or wrap with foil for 10-15. Slice or cut into 1 inch cubes. Place back on the same pan along with pan juices. Refrigerate uncovered until complete chilled to 40ºF before covering until needed for service.



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