SALMON, HOT SMOKED block cut or whole side


Chef Notes: The 1-2 hour rest uncovered in the refrigerator after marinating helps to dry the surface of the fish and makes it cook better. In addition, the 1-2 hours uncovered in the refrigerator after smoking helps to dissipate some of the wood resin that are on the surface of the newly smoked fish. But if you like a heavier smoke, cook in oven immediately after smoking.


  • 4 qts water

  • 1 qt soy sauce
  • 2 cups light brown sugar
  • ½ cup sea salt
  • 6 ea, 4 oz portions, block cut


combine water, soy, sugar and salt; mix well to dissolve; place salmon in brine for 70 minutes; remove when complete; drain off excess brine and refrigerate 1-2 hours to continue curing/drying.

To smoke with desired wood chips, place fish on grate (cooling rack) over dry chips in dry pan with lid (or foil for lid) over high heat 1 minutes; remove from heat for 1 more minute.

Go outside and remove lid to release smoke. Place smoked salmon pieces into refrigerator uncovered for 1-2 more hours before cooking. Place fish into 400F oven and cook  4-5 minutes or until just fish begins to flake when sides are pinched toward center, but center springs back.Temperature reading should be about 138-140.There will be some carry-over cooking (about 3-4 degrees). Serve immediately. No further seasoning should be required due to the brine.


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