First only plan meals with mussels in season and when you know you can get them withing 24 hours fresh! Then store them in a pan over a pan of ice, not in the ice, unless you have the mussels in a self-draining pan that will prevent mussels from sitting in stagnant water as it melts. The keep best at 32ºF.

As close to cooking as possible or at least 30 minutes before cooking, you need clean them. Start by inspecting them for wholesomeness. Discard those that are cracked or that are open and do not respond to touch by closing. Check to be sure they are heavy for their size. Using a clean lightly abrasive cloth like what we know as the “green scrubby,” wipe all around under running water. You will see seaweed like threads near the hinge of the shell. These are how the mussel attaches to the rocks in the ocean. They are attached to the abductor muscle. To remove, pull directly out the hinge side. If you pull the other direction you can kill the mussel. Place mussels in a bowl of salty cold water about 30 minutes.


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