Follow the AZ-EZ recipe formula for one pie or 5-6 four inch tarts. There are variations (*) that can be considered for the crust as well.


Whole lemon pine nut cookie crust pie with whipped cream, strawberry sorbet, & chocolate brittle



Make the Crust recipe of your choice, and divide it into 6 pieces or leave whole and shape quickly into small round disk. Chill for 30-40 minutes. While dough is chilling, make the filling recipe. (it can all be done in a food processor)

For pine nut cookie crust: Press the cookie dough into the pan(s) depending on size you are making. Place the chilled pan(s) into the oven set at 400ºF to start them to bake. This is know as blind baking because you bake the crust a little before placing the filling in and final bake.

For traditional pie dough, roll chilled dough one circle at a time for each tart pan; or one large disk for a 9″ pie pan. Place loosely into pan without stretching. Level off the dough around the top. Do this for each pan. Dough should be cold so place tarts into refrigerator for a few more minutes before filling and baking.

Filling prepared shells: Whether filling traditional pie crust (unbaked) or cookie dough that is blind baked fill with the prepared AZ-EZ filling about 2/3’s full or about 3 ounces in a 4-inch tart shell. Garnish top of the pie or tarts with a few thin slices of whole lemon. Bake 12-14 minutes for a whole pie and slightly less for individual shells in 375ºF oven, or until the filling is set into a firm jiggle.

Cool. Refrigerate. Serve.

*Chef’s Note: Place empty cookie sheet into oven while preheating. Place tarts onto pan when ready to bake. The hot pan will help the tarts brown on the bottom and prevent them for being under-cooked.



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