One of us on our team has a clear aversion to “leftover” meals. So to compensate for this mental hangup, we avoid using the term “leftover.” Instead, depending on the dish or food, we think about the potential for secondary use, or second day use which is even better than just reheating the leftovers. Seconndary use of a roast is one of the easiest examples. Always plan for more than you’ll use the first cook. For example, you might eat a traditional pot roast with its braising juices and roasted vegetables the first night. Then secondarily you plan to shred the remaining beef for use in  tacos or tostadas, and maybe using the pureed juice and some veggies to which you’ve added some spicy jalapeno.  So any remaining ingredients at the end of one meal are best “made-over” into a second meal rather than eaten as they are, a leftover. At least that is true round here, right Bob?


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