MEDITERRANEAN STYLES & FLAVORS INFLUENCE OUR COOKING at EVOO our favorite method for creating menus is to use local Pacific NW ingredients prepared in the style of the old Mediterranean cuisines. This doesn’t mean only the cuisines of countries touching the Mediterranean Sea, but simply means in the style of the old-world cuisines where olive oil is dominant to butter, and plant foods are given status on the plate while animal proteins take a back seat. You will see the regular use of herbs and spices that are essential for flavor. Some favorites of ours include coriander, fennel, mushrooms, garlic, lentils, nuts, tomato, basil, peppers, cilantro, cumin, and saffron, all of which are locally or globally acquired.

Today there is a wide global influence, meaning Western diet patterns are more universal, and as countries also adopt industrial farming methods of the West, i.e., growing many acres of one or two specific items, makes for a less diverse food supply globally. More sameness in diet patterns, too, is easy to recognize by the increasing incidence of health issues formerly seen only in Western countries, and now increasing practically everywhere in the world.

At EVOO, we hope to preserve a diverse approach, by purchasing from small local farms that are sustainably diversified. In addition, local sustainably grown and harvested seafood and poultry make frequent appearances while, ideally, red meats like pastured beef and lamb are reserved for infrequent special times. The use of heirloom breeds and seeds is what we look for to ensure food supply diversity. Of course, we are realistic and live in the global environment as well, by purchasing as much as possible those imports that are fair, clean and green. In our dinner shows and hands-on classes, we strive to inspire our guests to cook our recipes with their local, seasonal whole food ingredients and enjoy the resulting flavorful meals that are healthier, especially when combined with gathering around the table with family and friends.


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