MISE EN PLACE (say, meeze on plause)


Mise en place is a French term commonly used in professional kitchens, that translates as “everything in place,” and refers to the organization of equipment, ingredients, and thought processes employed by the cook. Planning and anticipating the needs of a recipe or task from beginning to end is encouraged for the successful completion of the recipe or execution of a menu, while maintaining order in the kitchen.

Professional cooks must set themselves up for success or fail.  For a professional line cook, it means there is a 4 to 7 minute window in which to finish an order. And of course, they may have several orders at the same time. It is a dramatic way to say that “mise en place” is the only way to succeed.  The pro chef will do all she/he can ahead of time without spoiling the results.

Applying mise en place at home, the cook also ensures success. It doesn’t matter if the cook is making a single recipe or throwing a big party. Being accustom to getting  properly “set-up and ready” is the best insurance. When you are hosting a dinner party, when you set yourself up for success using mise en place, it means you can enjoy being a guest at our own event!


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