METHOD 1: To caramelize in dry pan, chopped onion quickly without butter or oil. Place cold onion, sliced or chopped, a cold pan on medium to medium high heat. Leave until you start to smell them, check to see if browning, but do not stir onions until bottom is golden brown. Then spread so onion covers the entire bottom again until all golden brown. This process should be watched as all stoves are slightly different, but you should notice browning in less than 5 minutes and enough browning less than 8-10 minutes. Use to flavor as an added boost of onion such as a mushroom patty,  bean cake or steak.

METHOD 2: You may also make onions like one would for French onion soup and use them for sauce. Place 4 tablespoons unsalted butter in pan with 4 onions and 1 head garlic, sliced or chopped, in pan over medium heat until they are golden brown (4 onion to 1 head garlic). Using this method achieving the golden brown color is much slower. Use immediately when golden brown and soft,  adding 1/4 cup 1/2 cup purchased demi glace, or 1 cup chicken broth/stock to make onion mixture slightly saucy. Serve immediately as a sauce. Or refrigerate the mixture after achieving the color and finish later by reheating slowly with the demi or stock.


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