Halibut is the most popular white fish, from our personal experience with our customers. It is pretty mild, in that it is rarely “fishy” and it can be simply seasoned, quickly cooked with success even if it is the first time one has cooked it.


Our Pacific Halibut season is short in the summer; opening early Spring  through September.  That is why it  often shows up on our Aug and Sep menus. Halibut is the most popular fish, based on how many people like it. It is a dense meat fish, with a mild to neutral flavor, not too lean, and it takes up marinades quickly. It cooks quickly too, as sauté or pan-fry.

Washing the fish before cutting into serving pieces

halibut is placed into self draining pan and iced down while waiting for cutting and cooking








Florencio cut the side into a more manageable piece before block cutting.




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