One of our favorite ways to dress up a celebration dinner during the holidays is to saute the blanched vegetable and shallots in the pan that the pancetta was cooked. Favorite veggies are sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts,  and green beans.


1/2 to 1 pound Brussel sprouts, blanched and cut in half for finish cooking
1-2 ounces pancetta (typically purchased in  in 2 ounce package)
1 medium shallot, small chopped

Add slices in bottom of a skillet in single layer; place pan over medium heat.  Cook slowly allowing the fat to melt out until meat is crispy. Remove cooked pancetta to paper towel to drain and hold. Remove excess fat before cooking the vegetable, because you can always add more if needed.
Place the shallots and blanched sprouts into the hot pan with some fat and cook until shallots become translucent and sprout halves are tender but firm on the tooth.  Garnish with drained pancetta and serve.

Chef Note: This is really a non-recipe because how much or little pancetta & shallot you use depends on your own taste or that of your family. In our house, for example, it depends on who is cooking. Lenore would use less than half the amount of pancetta listed, while Bob would use it all.  For that matter, Lenore would use a whole pound of Brussel sprouts & half the pancetta, while Bob would use the full amount of all the ingredients. Simply to  say that the recipe can be made your own.



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