PASTA FOR RAVIOLI (OR RAVIOLO) (makes approximately 10 raviolo)


Raviolo is singular for ravioli, and it is often reserved for a filling of raw egg yolk perched on a meat or cheese filling and then enclosed in pasta. Usually only one or two of these is rich enough.

Spicy beef sausage raviolo with new english peas, basil cream, microherbs

Spicy beef sausage raviolo with new english peas, basil cream, microherbs


  • 3 ½  cups all purpose flour

  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 5 whole eggs
  • 10 egg yolks
  • Semolina flour for dusting


Place flour in a large bowl with salt; mix to combine; create a well in the center; add eggs and whisk them in the center with a fork to combine; slowly begin to add flour from the side of the well and begin to incorporate working to the outside of the well; as you work the mixture will begin to come together; continue working flour in until all of it is incorporated; remove to floured surface and continue kneading for 2 minutes; finished dough will be elastic and slightly tacky; refrigerate for 1 hour.Pasta should be rolled into a 3’ length and cut in half; gently brush one half with water; place 1 tablespoon filling 1” from the end and then every 2” until you run the length of the dough; make a dimple in the center of the fillings and gently place a raw egg yolk over each; place the other half of pasta dough over the filled side and carefully work the dough around the filling being careful not to break the eggs; using a round biscuit cutter to remove each raviolo, place on a semolina floured tray for service.  At service bring 1 gallon of seasoned stock to a boil; add raviolo and cook 3 minutes; remove and blot for service.


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