PASTA, SEMOLINA WATER (Bob's Grandma Nina's recipe)


After returning from Sicily we began making Sicilian pasta–just semolina and water. In addition, we do it all by hand. This cuts in half easily unless making large amounts.


  • 3 cup semolina flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 10 ounce water


Mix salt into flour and add water a little at a time until it holds together. If it doesn’t take all the water that is okay. Start kneading on a lightly floured cutting board until the inside of the dough is as smooth as the outside, about 10 minutes for the experience and 20-30 for the novice.  Check by cutting a little ways into the center and check for smoothness. If smooth let it rest 20-30 minutes; then shape into the pasta you want.


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