A stuffed risotto arancini atop fresh spring pea vines lightly dressed with our cherry tomato vinaigrette and garnished with radish pickled onion and parmesan cheese

Pea vines are only in the markets a few weeks and are a treat whenever you can get them. We dress them lightly to preserve the delicate fresh pea flavor of the vines. In the plate left we serve them in May when they were first available and did nothing to them except put them with the cherry tomato vinaigrette, an arancini and some pickled condiments.

The next month we serve them again, this time dressed simply with EVOO and salt, pepper and coriander. Pictured right the pea vine salad is under the polenta.

The second month the vines were not as tender as the earlier ones.

Baked Polenta, caprese style, on lightly dressed pea vine salad


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