POPCORN, Lenore's Method


Lenore likes her popcorn! An understatement for sure. In the early years of our marriage, we would compete for who made the best popcorn. Her standard was always, how many kernels are left in the bowl after eating the last popped. Guess who won!
Here’s her method. We have seen the same method on the backs of various bags of popcorn, so don’t think we are claiming that this is unique. Lenore didn’t remember reading a recipe for it, just after so many batches, it seemed like her own.

1/2- cup popcorn (start with a fresh source! (gauge the popcorn turn-over at the store before buying)
2 Tablespoons EVOO or enough to coat bottom of the pan *
salt to taste, and add seasonings (so many options, too many to list. Make it up as you go!)
Place medium pot with lid on medium-high to high heat. (gas is best at med-hi) Add 3-5 kernels corn. When they pop, add the rest of the corn. Put back on heat and shake the pot to get all corn covered with oil. When all kernels start popping, shake and vent the lid so steam escapes but corn stays in the pot. When most kernels are popped, remove lid as the pot should be almost full and unpopped corn kernels are under the layers of corn already popped. Wait until the popping stops. Then pour popped corn into bowl and dress with a little melted butter (2 T), or more EVOO, or both; add salt and something else: Parmesan cheese, fennel pollen, truffle salt or just butter and salt. Eat, enjoy and count the remaining kernels when you have eaten it all!

*Chef Note: One commonly uses a high smoke point oil for popping corn. In our world, we like the health aspects of EVOO so use it and we are careful not to over heat the oil. You may use canola for less expensive option or use coconut oil. As many of us know now, coconut oil is not bad for us just because it is a saturated. We know that when it was considered an unhealthy oil, it became the oil used in movie theatres since it was so inexpensive. When Lenore uses coconut oil for popcorn, she says it reminds her of “movie popcorn.”


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