PUMPKIN STOCK (Vegetarian)


This recipe can be made with roasted fresh pumpkin; simmered pumpkin “meat;” or from canned unflavored pumpkin. It depends on your choice. The roasted pumpkin might have a subtle taste difference to start with than either of the other two. Roasting makes it very easy for the cook because you don’t have to peel; just remove seeds and cut large pieces. Recipes are all going to yield about 1 gallon of stock. If you need less, just jar the extra leaving space at the top of the jar and freeze the extra for another day.


  • 1 medium pumpkin, or 8 cups fresh 1"diced pieces, or 1 303 can of unflavored plain pumpkin
  • 12 cups water
  • Season depending upon your final use (see suggestions)


When using fresh pumpkin, you may prepare the pumpkin for roasting to cook it, or for simmering.

Roasting Pumpkin: Clean, remove seeds and inside of a medium pumpkin. Cut into 4-5 big chunks. Sprinkle lightly with olive oil. Place “meat” side down onto sided cookie sheet into a 400°F for 25-30 minutes or until fork tender. Remove from oven. Cool until you can handle it and scoop out the “meat” and reserve for your stock.

Simmering Pumpkin: Clean, remove seeds and inside of medium pumpkin. Cut off rind then cut into 1″ cubes. Place into pot and cover with water. Ratio of 8 cups pumpkin to 12 cups water will yield about 1 gallon.

Purchased canned pumpkin “meat:” Place pumpkin into a deep pot; slowly work in the 12 cups water. Bring to boil, and reduce heat to simmer. Add seasoning depending upon your final use. See suggestions below.

Seasoning suggestions: For risotto, we would not season the stock if the risotto contains seasoning already. For example if you are going to add parmesan cheese, or other salty cheese, you may over season using salted stock. Or if we do season the stock, we might use unsalted spice blend such as 1 tablespoon Flavors for Frying spice blend; salt, pepper and coriander can be added to the actual dish before serving if more seasoning is need.


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