There are different quinoa varieties. Our favorite is RED because it cooks the most al dente. White quinoa tends to cook quickly and when cooked it bursts and there is very little texture left. In other words, difficult to achieve a par-cook or al dente. The black is similar to red in that it is more al dente when cooked, however it presents a little more bitterness than the other two.


Quinoa (Red)
3/4 cup red quinoa
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
Bring to a simmer and cook until all liquid  is absorbed, approximately 20 minutes on medium low heat.  Remove and place in a pan to cool.  Cool completely.

Wild rice
1/2 cup wild rice
2 cups water
2/2 teaspoon sea salt

Combine ingredients in a small pot; bring to a simmer and cook until grain breaks, approximately 25-30 minutes; remove to a pan for cooling.  Cool completely.

TO COOL RICE: Spread hot rice onto sided sheet pan to no more than 1 inch thick. Then place into the refrigerator uncovered until the temperature drops to 40 degrees F. Then, cover and keep in refrigerator until you are ready to blend into the patties.




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