This is especially good to add to our quick version of sauteed beef bourguignonne. Also good on their own.


  • 8-12 cipollini onions, small (also pearl onions)

    12-18 fingerling potatoes

    8-12 small whole carrots, peeled

    3 medium parsnips, peeled, 2 inch cuts, optional

    3 stalks celery, 1 inch cuts

    EVOO to coat

    Seasonings of Salt, Pepper, Coriander


Prepare vegetables. Coat with EVOO and season. Place by rows on open shallow sided roasting pan. (potatoes will take longest to cook, and keeping separate makes it easier to remove vegetables as they get done.) Bake at 350F  for minutes as follows: for celery, 10 minutes, for onion 15-20, for carrots and parsnips 20-25, for potatoes 20-25. Then add 5 more minutes, checking doneness and repeat 5 more minutes until all are fork tender. Remove and hold warm for service.  4-6 servings


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