Whenever you need to saute mushrooms that are naturally very full of water, the goal is to create a sauteed mushroom that is brown before the water is extracted. This is the method we use.

First wash mushrooms with a button top or crown. They will not absorb water. Spin or lightly towel dry them. Mushrooms that do not have a crown or button style, must be brush cleaned with damp towel or they will absorb too much water that will inhibit browning in your saute.

Spread cleaned and fairly dried mushrooms on a oiled sheet pan; season with salt, pepper, and coriander. Place into relatively high heat for about 15 minutes until you notice the nutty odor and they start to shrink and shrivel. Adjust seasoning and serve immediately.


  • 1 pound mushrooms, sliced or quartered

  • 2 Tablespoons grape seed oil
  • 2 Tablespoon butter, cold (optional)


Preheat saute pan; add grape seed oil and heat. When oil shimmers slightly, add prepared, DRY, mushrooms. Cover the bottom of the pan and leave for anywhere from 1-3 minutes before stirring. Stirring too soon will encourage the purge of water. When you achieve the browning, remove from the heat and work in cold butter, if using. This will make a mushroom sauce that can be served along side steak or other appropriate dish. Or add  the sautéed mushrooms to other ingredients as for ravioli.

We use sauteed mushrooms by themselves and in other recipes, Beef Bourguignonne, and Beef Stroganoff, Bob’s version of Pansoti, an Italian ravioli dish. Simply add them with ricotta and parmesan, egg, some herbs, stir and use to ravioli or pansoti, a triangular ravioli.


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