RIG your smoker first. Use disposable pan or an old pot that you can reuse for this purpose only. Place wood chips (as desired) on bottom of pan. Wood chips should be dry.  Place food to be smoked on rack over dry chips in dry pan with lid.  (for lid use foil or second pan to cover during smoking)

To create smoke, place pan over high heat with lid slightly ajar or vented so you will see the smoke start. When you see the smoke accumulating, cover tightly and time 1-2 minutes depending on your desired result. Our recipes should indicate the timing. Remove from heat and leave in smoke 30-60 seconds more. Again this depends on the degree of smokiness desired and type of food. Some people love really strong smoke flavor and some like it mild. Start with low amounts then build until you get what you like.

Go outside with your smoker and remove lid away from you to release smoke. Place smoked food piece(s) into refrigerator uncovered for 30 minutes up to a couple hours before cooking or serving if it is to be served raw, such as smoked pineapple. If you like a strong smoke flavor you may skip this step and go right to cooking the product.

To cook follow individual recipe instructions.

Chef Note: We have now smoked every thing from scallops to pinto beans. This method works to impart smokiness without masking the flavors of the original item. Remember it is a cold smoke process which means raw foods must be cooked after smoking them. Raw foods that can be eaten raw may be served after smoking or held under refrigeration until needed.



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