BEEF, TOURNEDOS OF, (tenderloin cut)


Tournedos of beef are taken from the beef tenderloin muscle, and is the most tender beef muscle. When it is taken from the end, the small end, it is often wrapped with bacon becoming filet mignon.

Beef is a special occasion dish for us, since it is our commitment to reduce the amount of beef we eat in a year. Just choosing a more environmentally sustainable beef product (grass fed antibiotic free, etc)  isn’t enough to reduce the harsh impact that  raising beef has on the environment. The world population has such a strong “taste” for beef that collectively, even if carefully produce, the demand is just too great to reduce greenhouse gases significantly, without also reducing the quantities all people demand. So instead of once a week, we recommend eating beef once a month, and/or just for birthdays. If everyone consciously ate just a little less, it would make a difference on our health and environment. And without eliminating beef completely, which is probably impractical anyway, we still enjoy dishes like this one.

Of course, EVOO is still using more than our share of beef. But for now, the idea of eating grass fed beef is still a new idea, we feel it is a good way to introduce how tender and delicious it is, and some would say even better than grain fed beef.

When inquiring about grass fed beef at the super market, be sure to ask more than is the beef pasture raised. Some ranchers are putting grain out in the fields, or finishing with grains before taking to the market. Feeding  grain to cattle is totally unnatural for the animal, makes them sick, requiring veterinary intervention. These cattle fatten quicker so can be brought to the market younger.

What we look for is grass fed and finished beef that is pastured all its life, fed no grain or antibiotics. In order to be flavorful, ranchers are even planting different grasses in the pasture. They  process these cattle  later, for example,  27 months rather than 18 moonths. It actually takes grass fed beef longer to reach desired weight and therefore, quality. Ranchers willing to do it are the ones we want to support by buying their beef.



  • 8- 2 each 2.5 ounces tournados of beef

  • 2 Tablespoon grape seed oilSea salt
  • Fresh ground pepper

  • Sea salt to taste
  • coriander, to taste, if desired


Heat a heavy bottom pan on medium to high heat. Add oil and bring to temperature.  Meanwhile season Tournedos with salt, coriander (optional) and  pepper.  Place Tournedos in preheated pan, making sure not to overcrowd.  Sear on first side about 2-3 minutes and turn over, sear on other side for 1-2 minutes more.  Don’t overcook.  Grass-fed steak should be cooked at least one level doneness less than grain-fed beef, In addition, red, rare meat is actually easier for us to digest than fully cooked beef, so trying to love it a little less done is good for us!


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