1 loin of sashimi grad albacore tuna, remove from cryovac and thawed
2 Tablespoon EVOO
2 Tablespoons flavors of Sicily
2 teaspoons sea salt
2 Tablespoons grape seed oil
as needed, coarse finishing sea salt such as Murry River

Season tuna on only 2 of 3 sides of with first oil, then seasoning salt on top of those sides. Refrigerate a minimum 30 minutes before searing.
At service, preheat a 12 inch cast iron skillet on high heat. When pan is ready add grapeseed oil. Sear tuna, seasoned side down for 20-30 seconds; rotate to second seasoned side for another 20-30 seconds. Finally sear on unseasoned side for 20-30 minutes.  Remove immediately for slicing. Slice approximately 1/4 inch thin and garnish with finishing sea salt such as Malden or Murry River.

Serve with garlic aioli and /or Trapani pesto.


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