Metaphorically speaking, of course!

Here’s what Success looks like:
1 part passion and/or commitment to continuous learning; one can always learn more.

A really good general cookbook including general basic techniques that can be used for different recipes.

Equipment as needed for the job (there is no substitute for a sharp knife, for example)

A functional “working” pantry that supports the cook, i.e. a working pantry contains foods that are frequently used and turned over. It includes a well-stocked freezer and fridge. It stocks convenience foods that are wholesome, like organic canned tomato sauce, good to use when fresh season is gone; or for example, salt free stocks, good to use when time prohibits making from scratch. And, of course, you monitor your fresh spices to make sure they are used within 12-15 months to ensure freshness. (And purchase them from stores with good turnover)

And good cooks have a commitment to the role of “mise en place” that will insure success  each time they cook. (Click to read more)

Practice, practice, practice! Build your confidence. Keep learning.
Watch the cooking shows!
Eat out to learn what’s happening.
Read foodie magazines.
Share recipes with friends.
Enjoy the process!.




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