TOSTADA, Guest voted it the best!


This is named the Best Tostada because when we serve it , the plate comes back “licked” clean!  We are emphasizing that because you are going to have to work to get this one done. We can call out a few short cuts, such as starting with purchased products instead of making the components from scratch. The recipe requires you to think ahead and make some of the components before you plan to serve them.

Recipes needed:
Vegetarian Tamale (worth it)
Roasted splayed chicken (easy-peas-ee)
Fried Tostada tortillas we purchase them, then fry them
Black Beans (may be purchased, to skip the soak-step)
Mole sauce  (there are some good ones in latino food stores)
Fresh Corn Salsa (versatile and doubles as a salad)
How to Brine & Soak Dried Beans (we always brine-soak)


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